A couple of the projects I have up on my GitHub


A small demo of force-directed graph drawing and visualizations for DFS, BFS, and 2-coloring. Check it out: algorythm.


An app to visualize team and driver movements over Formula 1’s history. Check it out: Teamline.


A utility to subscribe to events in React components, useful for events you tend to throttle / debounce like scroll. Read more.


This is what I use instead of create-react-app. I think that project is great for learning React initially, but there’s a lot of advantages to creating your own React project. For example, you can pick exactly the tools you want and you’ll understand how everything works together.


At the time it was published, it was almost a pixel perfect implementation of the NYTimes crossword. Not too long after they changed how it works internally and added a couple of new features, but it’s still a nice project. You can see a live example here, although you might not get very far since I made this for my coworkers after I left a company :)


A small utility to build and publish Python packages to an S3 bucket. I wrote more about this in a post about hosting a PyPi repository on S3.


Docker image that builds nginx with a couple of extensions: ngxdevelkit, set-misc-nginx-module, and lua-nginx-module. Useful for more advanced nginx use cases.


My first public repository! It was mostly an exploration around building pentesting tools that could run on various Python parallelization paradigms (threads, gevent, and celery). It includes utilities for detecting (simple) SQLi, XSS, RLFI, and more.